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​​As leaders in the Spa & Wellness industry, we here at SMS have extensive experience in the wellness, spa and fitness industries and make a point of keeping up with the current trends and being at the forefront in cutting edge treatments and services.  

With 30 years of Spa & Wellness experience, and with our in-depth knowledge of luxury of the Spa & Wellness industry gives us a unique understanding to help provide owners with ultimate guidance in determining feasibility, vision, and design of your Spa or Wellness facility.


​SMS provides unmatched development and operational consulting expertise in all areas of the spa, wellness, and lifestyle industries. We are proud to provide consulting, management and advisory guidance that is guaranteed to establish a strong foundation, bring rewarding stability, invigoration and optimal growth to any spa, wellness, leisure, or lifestyle facility. We specialize in hospitality consulting, concept, development, and training, by providing a wide scope of unique services to create optimal growth and maximize your success. 


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