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We have over 30 years of design, development, and operations expertise in providing consulting and turn-key services to the luxury resorts, wellness, and country clubs’ sectors. 

Tammy Pahel
Tammy Pahel
Co-Founder & Principal, Spa Management Solutions, Inc. 

Tammy Pahel is a visionary with the expertise and natural creative instincts it takes to develop world-class spa, Wellness, Fitness, and Spa facilities offering unique spa and destination amenities.


Tammy possesses a remarkable talent for inspiring individuals to reach greater heights of accomplishment through her dynamic and participative leadership style. Her innovative approach to operational marketing has consistently delivered heightened revenues and profits for her clients. With an unwavering dedication to the industry she loves, Tammy's robust business acumen has not only earned the respect and gratitude of her clients but has also propelled her to a position of prominence, solidifying her reputation as one of the foremost spa experts in the industry.


In 1989, Tammy embarked on her illustrious career as the Executive Director at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Her tenure witnessed a remarkable transformation as she enriched the array of service offerings, leading to an impressive recognition with a "Top Ten Spas" ranking on the Conde Nast Gold List. Tammy introduced the principles of participative leadership and innovative marketing strategies, resulting in a substantial upswing in both revenues and profits.


In 1999, Tammy laid the foundation for her visionary venture by establishing Spa Management Solutions, Inc. (SMS). Her leadership and expertise extended as she assumed the role of a board member for the International Spa Association (ISPA) for a notable four-year term, followed by an additional eight years of active participation on various ISPA committees.


With an astute grasp of the present and future trajectory of the spa, wellness, and salon industry, she is uniquely positioned as a visionary. In 2009, SMS embarked on an ambitious endeavor, inaugurating two expansive facilities, each spanning 17,000 square feet and encompassing Spa, Salon, Fitness, and Wellness Centers.

Her creative vision extended to introducing comprehensive Wellness Programs at both locations. These programs incorporate a diverse array of offerings, including Dermatology, Regenerative Health, and Anti-aging solutions, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Herbology, Life Coaching, Biomechanical Rejuvenation, the expertise of a Physician of Oriental Medicine, and the enriching practice of Satori. These wellness programs are seamlessly integrated with conventional Spa services, International Spa Treatments, and Fitness Services, encapsulating a holistic approach to well-being.


With her forward-thinking approach and strategic partnerships with leading global technology brands, she has brought cutting-edge technology and touchless services when people see different wellness services. As a result, Pahel strategically developed new revenue streams, increasing profitability and increasing the guest experience.

These new technologies not only stopped at wellness services but also improved the overall well-being of guests' hygiene safety with NASA-developed air disinfectant technology and an EPE-approved antimicrobial to protect all soft goods against harmful germs.


Tammy is bold and strategic by constantly adapting to the changing times and uses her years of knowledge to create the next evolution in wellness wherever she goes.

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