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Drawing upon 30 years of expertise in the Spa, Wellness, and Lifestyle sectors, SMS is your trusted partner for delivering the essential services required to establish and maintain a thriving, profitable facility.

In launching a successful spa, meticulous planning and preparation play pivotal roles. This involves optimizing space through thoughtful design and ensuring a seamless operational flow that enhances the comfort of both guests and staff. Such considerations contribute to operational efficiency and create the ideal environment for crafting memorable spa experiences.

Wellness Programming

Amidst the flourishing wellness industry and the rising demand from wellness travelers, SMS collaborates with owners, developers, medical spas, hotels and resorts, destination resorts, and health and wellbeing retreats. We specialize in integrating robust wellness programs seamlessly into your brand identity and daily operations. Whether crafting a comprehensive program that nurtures both the body and mind through integrative and functional medicine, SMS equips you with the essential tools to optimize your wellbeing.

A comprehensive Business Plan is paramount in the initial stages of launching any startup. This document provides owners and investors with a detailed overview of the project's vision, mission, and concept. Additionally, it outlines the market strategy and the overall business conception. The Business Plan serves as the foundational framework for strategically positioning the business financially.


Explore comprehensive marketing strategies tailored for both internal audiences, encompassing pre and post-opening phases, and external targets such as local guests and membership programs. SMS leverages its seasoned experience and expertise to position your spa strategically, ensuring optimal traffic and heightened exposure. We empower your Spa to operate at its fullest potential by implementing an effective marketing plan.


During the initial phases of establishing a spa, obtaining a reliable estimate for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) is crucial. Often, owners and developers focus on the overall project cost rather than the day-to-day operational needs. At SMS, we provide adaptable services customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. This ensures that the project is completed on schedule and within the designated budget. Our services are invaluable during both the planning phase and the procurement and delivery stage, helping to prevent cost overruns and delays resulting from inadequate budgeting.

Budgets & Pro-forma

The Budget is a comprehensive financial forecast crafted by considering the spa's size, location, demographics, and concept, among other influential factors. SMS is committed to developing both a Budget and a five-year pro forma to offer owners or investors a detailed projection. This five-year forecast and underlying assumptions form the basis for the financial pro forma, providing a clear insight into the business model.

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