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Spa Management Solutions, Inc. (SMS) provides the essential services to establish, maintain and revitalize a spa or wellness facility. From concept planning through development, roll-out, and long-term management, we handle each of the elements and responsibilities. Our results are proven by happy clients, healthier guests, engaged staff, and financial profits. 

If your facility is under-performing, there could be many reasons for it. Often it could be systems set in place, not keeping up with current trends or not maximizing your treatment rooms properly.  Let SMS figure out where your facility is lacking and formulate a plan to get you back on track.  


SMS draws on its 30 years of experience in the spa, fitness, wellness and lifestyle markets to deliver the services needed to produce a successful and profitable spa. Because each spa is unique, the skills required are specialized. We have direct hands-on experience and understand the dynamics of each department. From the development of a spa from the ground up to the managing of a very creative and talented labor force. We help find the right strategic partners and build new relationships that support the ongoing success of our clients. We understand the importance of ongoing support and financial management. 

SMS is experienced in working closely with Developers, General Managers, Directors and, all staff. We collaborate with General Management and the Spa Director to provide a truly relaxing environment while maximizing revenue and net operating revenue for our clients. SMS is the only consulting, management, and advisory company that celebrates cutting edge innovation and has worked with 4 and 5 star Resorts and Hotels. 

SMS was the first to develop, introduce, launch, market and integrate: 

• The national celebrated “Zumba” fitness concept in Miami, Florida 

• The relaxation and healing “Float Bath System” 

• “Prescription Audio” Satori Sleep and Relaxation Sound Healing Program 

• Wellness Program Development at the 4 & 5-Star Resort level 

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