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Spa Management Solutions, Inc. (SMS) is your trusted partner in the world of spa and wellness. We specialize in delivering comprehensive services designed to establish, sustain, and rejuvenate your spa or wellness facility. From the initial stages of conceptualization and development to seamless execution and ongoing management, we expertly oversee every facet and obligation. Our track record is a testament to our ability to bring smiles to your clients, improve the well-being of your guests, engage your staff, and boost your financial bottom line.

If your facility isn't performing as expected, various factors could be at play. It may be due to outdated systems, failure to keep up with current industry trends, or underutilized treatment rooms. Let SMS diagnose the specific areas where your facility falls short and craft a tailored strategy to steer you back toward success.

Deer Lake Lodge
Spa at La Torretta

SMS draws on its three-decade-long career in the spa, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle sectors; SMS offers a wealth of expertise essential for crafting thriving and profitable spa ventures. We recognize that every spa is distinct, demanding specialized skills to flourish. Our team possesses direct, practical experience and an innate understanding of the intricacies of each department, whether it's shaping a spa's inception from the ground up or skillfully managing a creative and highly talented workforce.

We excel at connecting you with strategic partners who can contribute to your journey and are adept at fostering new, mutually beneficial relationships that bolster our clients' sustained success. We emphasize the enduring significance of continual support and expert financial management to ensure your spa's prosperity.


At SMS, we bring a wealth of experience to our collaborative partnerships with Developers, General Managers, Directors, and all levels of staff. Our close cooperation with General Management and Spa Directors enables us to create an authentically relaxing ambiance while simultaneously optimizing revenue and net operating income for our valued clients.

Setting us apart as a distinctive consulting, management, and advisory entity, SMS is a dedicated advocate for cutting-edge innovation. We have a strong track record of working closely with renowned 4 and 5-star Resorts and Hotels, contributing to their ongoing success.

SMS was the first to develop, introduce, launch, market and integrate: 

• The nationally celebrated "Zumba" fitness concept in Miami, Florida 

• The relaxation and healing "Float Bath System" 

• "Prescription Audio" Satori Sleep and Relaxation Sound Healing Program 

• Wellness Program Development at the 4 & 5-star Resort level 

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